My dog is such a bitch! :)

Hey guys, wow I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in a month 🙁 I’m a bad bad boy! I deserve a spanking 🙂 Things have been really busy here. Between my job, my new dog, my parents coming to visit me in 10 days, I’ve been so busy trying to get the house in order. We’ve been painting several rooms and did a few things we always wanted to do but never did so I guess with my parents coming, we finally got to work hehe. I’m not sure I mentioned this but back in June, we lost our Beagle, she passed away and it was an awful time for me. So we decided to get another puppy, another Beagle, and she is a handful! She destroys everything she gets her teeth on. We’ve had 5 dogs and not one were that bad so hopefully she gets out of it so I can stop buying things twice. I just love her though so it hard for me to spank her when she’s bad. I just look at her and say “NO!”… Not sure that even helps LOL Other than that, I’ve been doing good. I promise I’ll get back to posting new videos in a few days 🙂 Feel free to post comments or even email me at


What a bitch! :)

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