My new pictures

Hey guys, How’s it going? I’m doing awesome! My family came to visit me for 10 days and they just left a few days ago. We had a very very good time and it felt really good to see them again. It felt good to be away from the computer too 🙂 Today I shot some new pictures of me cos it had been a while. I turned 36 years old 2 weeks ago so I’m getting old, I’d better start taking as many pictures I can now before it’s too late LOL Also I was a bit horny so the last set of pictures I took showed a lot and I had to censure a bit. I don’t feel comfortable showing my dick online… YET 🙂 I’ll start posting some new videos soon too! We got a lot of new guys on Broke Straight Boys that I need to show you 🙂 Later guys
Me, Steve Paris from


  1. You look great in that hat, very sexy. I think that type of hat suits you very well. 36 ain’t bad. You get old when your heart is ready to fuck but your dick doesn’t know.

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