Jayce and Charlie on BrokeStraightBoys


[bsbbutton]Hi guys, how are you all doing? I’m doing ok. I had dental surgery on Wednesday and yeah, thank God I have pain pills so that I can feel gooooood 🙂 These past 2 weeks have been extremely stressful. Not only because of my surgery, but we were also getting ready for BrokeStraightBoys.com Version 2! That’s right. New content producer, new place, NEW Straight Boys! New Voice! I think it was time for us to move on and change BSB a bit so we did it. I’m sooo very pleased with the results! We just uploaded the new videos and tonight, we’re putting the first new episode online. It features our hot new straight boy Jimmy, he’s a fucking hoot! But for now, let’s say goodbye to BrokeStraightBoys Version 1 with Jayce and Charlie. These 2 guys are really cute and Charlie’s freckles turn me on so much lol I want to fuck that straight boy’s ass like there is no tomorrow. Can’t I be horny for a minute??!! lol Anyway, it’s a very hot episode and I love watching Charlie pounding that tall skinny dude’s ass. I got to finish a few things for work so watch this video and join BrokeStraightBoys.com for only $1 to watch the complete video.

Jayce and Charlie on BrokeStraightBoys

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