$1 trial: Colin and Jack on Broke Straight Boys

$1 trial: Colin and Jack on Broke Straight Boys

[bsbbutton]Good morning everybody. I just drank a cup of coffee, listening to Paula Abdul, and working on my blog. You know, I was wondering last night if anybody actually reads my blog lol Maybe not, but I’m still enjoying doing it so why not. I still hope some of you are reading it though hehe. We got a new boy on Broke Straight Boys, his name is Colin. When I first saw him, I didn’t really know what to think: cute? not cute?… and then I saw his nude pictures and I was like “HOT”. He has such a lean mean body, ripped abs and yeah so damn sexy. That’s when everything pulled together for me, and he’s definitely a cutie! Boy was he nervous before the shoot. The whole idea of “I’ve got another man’s cock in my mouth” was getting to him, but once Jack and him started shooting, it went perfectly fine, even more than we had though 🙂 You can see Colin and Jack on Broke Straight Boys.

$1 trial: Colin and Jack on Broke Straight Boys

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$1 trial: Colin and Jack on Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys is only $1 to join
Click here to watch Colin and Jack’s episode

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  1. i sure hope Colin hangs around BSB for a long long time, a star is born. The guy reaks of sexiness. His sex appeal keeps me glued to BSB.
    if he can do more videos as well as the “Colin and Jack” episode. BRING IT ON ! Gee can that Colin KISS wow!
    Steve, make no wonder you wanted them to keep going at it. I did to. Dont stop, more more more.

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