Shredded Tim and Sexy Wayne Flip-Flop

Shredded Tim and Sexy Wayne Flip-Flop

Active Duty‘s shredded Tim and sexy Wayne flip-flop in this scene. I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time with those 2 guys: Which one is the hottest? I’m still awestruck by Tim’s body. His abs are like a cheese grater that are just asking for a good licking. This is the first time I post an episode from and I think it won’t be the last. I joined ActiveDuty yesterday and so far I’m very very impressed at the quality of the videos and the guys. Dink Flamingo (not his real name of course hehe) who owns the site only films real military guys and I happen to know this for a fact, which is why I joined the site in the first place. I like the realness of it. Back in 1997, I was myself in the military back in France, and I remember having a big crush on my Sergeant-Chief who was an asshole but so damn hot. I always dreamed of him calling me to his office and bend me over to give me the greatest fuck on my life. Unfortunately, it never happened. Damn! hehe Let me know what you think of this site. Have a good week end guys 🙂

Real Active Military Guys

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Shredded Tim and Sexy Wayne Flip-Flop

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  1. Hey Brandon, glad you enjoyed the video. I agree, Wayne’s tight ass as he gets fucked is really hot. But also Tim’s abs are so damn yummy too 🙂

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