Playing with my new Nikon

Steve Paris from
Hey guys, I hope you are all having a great day. I finally got a new camera today, a Nikon D3200 and I was testing the quality by taking pictures of butterflies outside when suddenly my masculinity came out screaming at me hehe I do like to take pictures of insects and plants and trees, but I figured it had been a while since I took pictures of myself, so why not take new pictures of me. Lately I’ve been called “daddy” by a lot of guys (I’m still not sure how to take it really lol) so I decided to play the part. I put glasses on, dropped the t-shirt and played daddy in front of the camera lol Not sure how it came out but they look ok I think. These images are actually screenshots taken from the video I took with the Nikon. I’m very excited, and looking forward to using the camera more seriously in the future hehe.



  1. Happy Holidays! Hope you are having a nice one! ..any chance we could get a “special” holiday pic from you? 😀 Have a wonderful Christmas!

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