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steve4Hey guys, it’s been such a long time since I posted anything on my blog so I thought I’d post to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking 🙂 Some of you may have noticed that I re-designed my blog with a new layout, and I’ve also added a new category called “Hot Galleries“. Please check it out, the videos are longer (2.30 minutes) and with a bunch of pictures. I added about 20 videos to this new category, and I’ll keep adding to it everyday. I’m also working on a model’s page where you will be able to get more info on your favorite porn actors, like their twitter page… So I’m excited about it but it is a lot of work!

Other than that, I’ve been pretty busy. I’ll be turning 40 in a few months and I’m having some family members and friends over to celebrate. I really don’t feel 40 years old really so it doesn’t bother me a bit. Now 50 will be another story hehe

Anyway, I’ve been doing really well, and I can’t wait to start updating my blog on a daily basis. Thanks a lot for all of you who keeps coming back, I really appreciate it. It’s nice to know that some people like my posts 🙂 Take care, Steve



  1. Dude, I want to fuck you so bad!!!!!!! 🙂
    You get hotter as you get older! And I love the hair on your chest!

  2. Hi, I know you’ve been asked this probably a bunch of times before, but are you ever going to post naked pics of yourself? You’ve teased us before, which we all love, but perhaps you’ve decided we can see more.. for your birthday perhaps..? ;D Happy 40th by the way 🙂

    1. Hey Voyeur, thanks for your message. Even though there really is nothing
      special to see, I may post a naked picture for my 40th birthday hehe
      Thanks for checking my blog, I appreciate it 🙂

      1. That would be absolutely amazing if you did that! And don’t put down on yourself, “nothing special to see”, Everyone is unique and beautiful, it makes the world more interesting 😀 When is your birthday anyway? Oct/Nov, Scorpio.. guessing from your tat. Hope your summer is treating you well so far, Enjoy!

          1. Excellent!! & sooo close to Halloween!, even better 🙂 Mine is just a couple days later.. If you do post something, it’d be an awesome birthday present for me! hehe, I’m very excited. Well, have a great summer, and I will definitely be checking back! Take care.
            ~Scorpios are the best! ;D

  3. Hey Voyeur, thanks for your message. Even though there really is nothing special to see, I may post a naked picture for 40th birthday hehe
    Thanks for always checking my blog, I appreciate it 🙂

    1. Hi there 🙂 Just me again, I’m really looking forward to Halloween & your birthday.. fingers-crossed that you will post a pic (or more) for us! Hope your holiday season is going well so far & have a great 40th b-day! Take care

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