Fraternity X: U Smoke it, U Suck it!


I came across this site today and quite frankly, I never knew it existed so I figured I’d take a look at it a little bit deeper. The content looks very amateur-ish, which can be a good thing. A lot of guys like to see raw amateur videos and not polished and high budget ones. Well this is as raw as it can be I think. FraternityX features real fraternity guys who just go with the flow, and fuck their brains out any chance they get. I actually enjoyed the first video I watched “Fraternity X: U Smoke it, U Suck it!“, it was really fun and you don’t really know what to expect with those guys. They’re all high so it can get crazy at times hehe. Check out, I believe the membership is just $20 for a month or something like that, which is not bad at all for original amateur content.

Fraternity X: U Smoke it, U Suck it!

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Fraternity X: U Smoke it, U Suck it!

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